Whether you're a print enthusiast or just looking to experiment with new styles, our new Doris Panel Skirt is the perfect piece to showcase your style persona. With a sophistication and playfulness that never goes out of style, it will instantly elevate your wardrobe.

1. For a neutral tone

If you’re just starting to experiment with print, you may have some doubts about color choices. Neutral tones are always a safe and stylish choice. Pair the skirt with a top in shades of white, beige, gray, or black, allowing the pattern on the skirt to take center stage. Neutrals also provide a versatile base that can be easily accessorized or dressed up with statement jewelry or a colorful handbag perhaps?

2. For a monochromatic look

If you’re in the middle of the scale; you love color and print but in moderation, pair the skirt with a top in the same color family but in different shades or tones to create a visually pleasing and put-together appearance.

3. For a print-on-print look

If you embrace bold and vibrant colors and patterns and love to make a statement, pair the skirt with a print blouse of contrasting shades.

As always, don't be afraid to play around, break the rules, and most importantly, have fun with your wardrobe.

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Tendai Tawonezvi