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Our Story

Welcome to NeoBantu – welcome to the print and color explosion

NeoBantu – a celebration of self-expression in the most vibrant way.

 “Our clothes should allow us to express our individuality”

-Tendai, Head of Product NeoBantu

 Founded in late 2013 by Tendai Tawonezvi, NeoBantu is a fusion of the vibrant African print and classic modern feminine styles.

Born of the African Bantu culture that encourages community while celebrating individuality – a culture that says:
“I am because we are.”
 Influenced by her love of  travel Tendai, gathered a skilled team of equally passionate, taste savvy connoisseurs of African cultures and started NeoBantu in a small studio in Dallas, Texas.
We are a contemporary ready to wear women's line along with accessories, focused on timeless, artfully designed garments.

The vibrancy of Africa is carried through in the bold prints that are inspired by her and Neobantu hopes to bring an abundance of that vibrancy into your life. 

We started NeoBantu because we wanted to create a Tribe of fashionable formidable women who inspire us, who's dressing reflected their vivacity, zest for life and can do attitude.

Women who don't follow the trend because they are the trend. 

Women who believe you shouldn’t have to look or dress like anybody else. 
So get ready to be more of your fabulous self to be inspired and to inspire!

NeoBantu encourages you to indulge in this abundance of vibrancy.

Welcome, welcome home – right where you belong.