Welcome to NeoBantu –– a celebration of self-expression in the most vibrant way.

“Our clothes should allow us to express our individuality.”
-Tendai, Head of Product NeoBantu

 Founded in late 2013 by Tendai Tawonezvi, NeoBantu is a fusion of vibrant African prints and modern feminine styles.

Born of the African Bantu culture, we believe in encouraging community while also celebrating individuality. We are a culture that says: 
“I am because we are.”

 Influenced by her love of travel, Tendai gathered a skilled team of passionate, taste savvy connoisseurs of African cultures and started NeoBantu in a small studio in Dallas, Texas.

NeoBantu's mission is to create a tribe of formidable women who inspire one another. We are building a community whose fashion reflects its vivacity and zest for life, a place where you're encouraged to indulge and be whoever it you want to be.

Neobantu Babes don't follow the trend, because they are the trend.