There comes a point especially at the end of summer where the urge to shop light, breezy dresses is met by a much-too-practical voice in our head. "How much longer will you really get to wear this for?" it asks. "Shouldn't you be thinking about the cooler weather, and shopping for fall fashion instead?"


NO…. At NB we believe clothes should be worn all year round as much as us possible. Growing up in Africa the term winter colors was/is as foreign to me as a “white Christmas”

It's right, of course; sultry summer materials and twisted halter-necks come with an expiration date in many parts of the world where temperatures tend to dip way before some may be ready ready.


But, fall dresses and summer dresses don't have to be two separate sections of your closet. There are plenty of options that easily work for both, whether they're designed that way or can be tweaked with the addition of layers.

A great example is our Akili Shift Dress which makes a perfect transition from summer to fall.

 Play the video for more ideas and don't forget to play in your closet too! 

Shift Dress For Fall by Neobantu

Just because the leaves are starting to change color and look — doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to.

You can shop the Akili Shift Dress here and make it your fall fashion statement.

Tendai Tawonezvi