Admittedly, the drive through Texas to get to New Mexico is not the prettiest, but with the beginnings of a great road trip playlist flooding my ears and adrenaline-fueled energy carrying me forward, the lacklusterness of traveling through Amarillo and the tiny towns before and after was just a minor glitch in the aesthetics.

As I approached Taos, the landscape transformed into beautiful thick green forests of firs through Cimarron Canyon State Park and into the off-season ski slopes of Angel Fire and the town center of Taos flanked by small but beautiful mountains where I would lay my head for the night. 

Sadly, the town was so empty you could have heard a pin drop in the center square that evening. I imagined this artist’s haven would be bustling with locals and tourists perusing the shops, galleries, and restaurants during pre-pandemic days. Perhaps some live music would fill the air from the cute little park in the town square’s center.

All the same, I perused and window shopped on my own private tour in this historic district Taos on my way to one of the few restaurants open at the time. Along my walk, the window fronts revealed beautiful sculptures, quirky paintings, and colorful trendy clothing. 

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