Contrary to popular belief, diamonds are NOT a girl's best friend... I would dare say that a fabulous tailor is a girl's true confidante because they have the power to make you look like an absolute gem! You see, most impeccably dressed women have a skilled tailor right in their back pocket, figuratively speaking, of course!

See how the waistband fits our model Veronica perfectly - the length of the skirt is just how she likes it - Tailor Magic!

Remember that beloved pair of pants you used to wear endlessly before the pandemic hit? Well, a great tailor can work their magic and have them let out or taken in to fit you perfectly. And that shirt that's feeling a bit snug in the arm? A talented tailor can surely shorten the sleeve and make it feel just right!

If you're not sure where to start, I suggest heading to your local dry cleaners. They often have a skilled tailor on hand or can recommend someone who is truly gifted in the art of alterations. Alternatively, your local Nordstroms may prove to be a valuable resource for finding expert tailors who can transform your garments.

But let's say all else fails and you find yourself contemplating donation or resale. Don't fret! It's a wonderful way to give your clothing a new lease on life. I recently stumbled upon a NeoBantu skirt on eBay, and it brought me immense joy to know that she, the skirt, gets to have a fresh start with a new owner.

And if you're ever unsure about what to do with a particular item of clothing, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to assist you and offer guidance. So before you toss that garment into a potential landfill, ask yourself, could it have a glorious "rebirth" or a delightful "resurrection" of sorts?

Remember, darling, a skilled tailor is a girl's secret weapon, capable of transforming your wardrobe and making you shine like the star you truly are!

Tendai Tawonezvi