Summer is finally here! I know, I know, I know this year has been a challenge in so many ways but we've decided that there is a lot to celebrate and be grateful for. 

Because when all else fails (or isn't going so well - add color!) Introducing....our food and fashion pairing for the summer. 

So I realized that, after I was hating on smoothie bowls, that I actually prefer to eat my smoothies with a spoon and often eat them with a spoon out of a cup vs. slurping them with a straw. I like them thick and icy, which is better eaten with a spoon. I think my beef was that it *seemed* like putting it all in a bowl would make it warm up faster, like those liquidy yogurt drinks that I'm not a fan of.  So I take it back - smoothie bowls actually sound great assuming they are icy cold. They are refreshing and healthy, but they are also filling and easy to make with ingredients you have on hand. 

Summer recipes - Summer dress and Smoothie

We are big believers in coloring all aspects of our life, so in a bid to feel good from the inside out here are great summer suggestions we would love for you to try...who is we you ask?? The phenomenal photographer Sarah Evans and I got together with the Belle Arnnelle and came up with some fun with food and color recipes we'd love for you to try.

Occasionally I like my dress to match my food.... if you wanna do the same here's a little something for you!

Pussy Bow Top - Pink                                           

 Pink Dory Pussy Bow Shirt                                            Doris Full Circle Skirt 



Images and recipes Courtesy of Sarah Evans 

NeoBantu Brand Ambassador