That one thing… the way you do one thing says a lot about the way you do a lot of other things. Take for instance the way you dress - Isn’t it interesting how clothes have a way of saying who you are before you utter a word? The way you dress says a lot about you. There is no second first impression so make sure that FIRST, counts. 

So let's think through some first… 

1. First Date

Comfort is the number one priority on a first date especially because you night be a lil anxious (but excited hopefully), so you don’t need the extra distraction of wondering if some part of your outfit needs adjusting now and again.

Because we’re going for confidence, approachability and ease, you can’t go wrong with the Akili shift dress.

It is simple but sophisticated and you can dress it up or down depending on personal preference or where you are going.  You can also easily add layers in colder months.

2. Job interview  

Who says interview outfits have to be black and navy? Don’t be afraid to add some color. Everyone in the room will brighten up when you walk in  🙂

The Darcey lace skirt  - the midi length says I am capable and Dory blouse says I am a joy to work with together the combo screams effortless, consumate professional with a sense of humor.

3. Meeting the family

You DEFINITELY want to make a great impression (if you really like your partner that is) - and the right one at that. You want to choose a balanced outfit - not too restrictive and not too loose either- but one that lets you still be yourself.

We highly recommend wearing a dress, because you won’t have to overthink options. The stacey lace dress with its scoop neck to showoff the sensible head you have on your shoulders 🙂

So remember, the key is to wear what makes you feel good, comfortable and confident.


Until next time 


Tendai Tawonezvi