Color can lift one’s mood, tell the world who you are, and on and on we won’t belabor all the ways in which color is great. Besides, it takes very little to convince us of all the powers of colors… But…. Big BUT here a lot of times the how is not as clear as the what or why when it comes to color. I’ve often found that most people like Color enough, the how is a lil shady (see what I did there?!) 


Here are my go-to's for infusing color not just on you but in all facets of life…. 

  1. ATTRACTION - Do I like/love it? Does it show up in your most beloved items, moments or memories? This applies to colors and prints. My mantra is if you love it that energy translates. (The nerd in me is geeking out on the color is energy/wavelengths….)
  2. INSPIRATION - Where else have you seen this color and what has it been paired with…. My go to on color combination is Mother…. Mother Nature that is. How does the color show up in nature? Because if ANYBODY has Color Combination down to a science…. (Okay I need to be stopped). If it’s a print… pick the first color that grabs you and use that as your reference.
  3. KNOW what works… now this isn’t about color per se but..? But it’s a golden rule of style (great style)…. Know Thyself and the second golden rule (does that make it the silver rule?!) to thine ownself oneself be true…

What's your favorite color, or at least the one you are most drawn to? Let us know.

Now go forth and have fun with it, and remember there are no mistakes you either win or you learn.… this is not everything but it’s a great start.


Until next time 

Tendai Tawonezvi