What we are most looking forward to isfocusing on truly taking and making moments of reflection, fun and joy. All which has led us to what you expect from us.

We’d like to help you figure out what works and do more of that. Less decision paralysis but more options…

Let’s take Davina - She’s the perfect combination of chic, sexy and functionality. The Shift silhouette is so flattering to every body shape. So more limited editions of the Shifts. What say you?!



We want to walk with you through your style journey. We will continue to be the place you can find classics with a twist. We will look for and share tips and hacks to make you look your best.


We ask that you participate! Let these pieces be truly yours by telling us what you like and want to see more of.

We heard you loud and clear on the survey we did last year… so be prepared for more nb theory (ideas, thoughts, concepts) on color matching & more print mixing.


Until Next Time 


Tendai Tawonezvi