Cupid has been a sneaky fellow lately. With people not being able to gather, dating has been a wee bit of a challenge.

How have my single neobantu girls been managing? I know first hand that there have been a lot of Covid divorces. As one lady put it to me... “I realized I didn’t like my husband much when I was forced to be with him ALL the time...”

I’m usually the one who says “oh shit” its Valentines day tomorrow... but lately I’ve been thinking and chatting about love in the times of Covid.
Which has me thinking what's valentines day gonna look like this year? More of the same, same of the same or less of the same. 

It makes for interesting conversation and reflections.

Another friend who is single was pondering whether one can/must ask if a potential date has had a Covid test.

One more (coz I’m a sucker for happy stories) a guy who will remain unnamed said “Oh my! we are really talking now, so we are kinder to each other”

What pray tell has been your experience of love in Covid times?!?

Are we feeling more loved or less loved?!?! Tell me, curious minds want to know!


Tendai Tawonezvi
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