It felt for a while that the 2021 car engine was on but we were idling - I'm finally feeling like we can shift to first gear. I’m usually not one for new years resolutions I tend to make resolutions of sorts all throughout the year. To set the tone for the year however there are some things we’ve decided we want to do more of.

More of being present....


More of having and sticking to a morning routine, so we set the year in baby steps - the journey of a thousand miles and all that....

More Joy - all the time not waiting for joy to come in the morning and less worrying. 
And once the world opens up, more TRAVEL so we are going to be more intentional about this and to help inspire you and us on where to go, what to try and see in your travels we are starting a travel section on the blog. Stay tuned to learn more about our amazing travel contributor.


Do you have any resolutions?! Please share them with us.


Tendai Tawonezvi
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I don’t love the idea of new year’s resolutions – instead, I look at my birthday month and the month that I started my business (April) as a time to reflect and look at new opportunities.

And I agree – I create resolutions throughout the year. It’s more about a consistent evolution than one specific point to assess and change.

— Paul Julch

Great read! I personally have grown out of the habit of resolutions. 2020 really just taught me to live and love more. Everyone you think you are having the worst experience, 2020 reminds you it could get worse. There’s always worse so gratitude in 2021 is my number 1 focus!!!

— Buhle Dube